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Mac Hydro Tutor

Mac Hydro Tutor MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR is planned for Hands-ON training on all aspects of Hydraulics. It is provided with facility to understand, apply and havetrials on different sections of Hydraulics, like
Generation of Hydraulic Pressure and Flow,
Regulation of Pressure of Hydraulic Oil through Control Valves,
Regulation of Flow of Pressurised Hydraulic Oil Through Control Valves,
Regulation of Direction of Pressurised Hydraulic Oil through Control Valves
Application of Hydraulics for Linear Actuators / Hydraulic Cylinders
Application of Hydraulic Oil for Rotary Actuators/Hydro Motors
Application of Transducers to Convert Hydraulic Pressure to Electronic Output
Storage of Pressurised Hydraulic Oil in Gas charged accumulators.

MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR is professionally designed and manufactured, to impart Technical training for:
Training Departments of Industrial Houses to simulate their shop floor requirements and train engineers on fault finding and maintenance aspects.
Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics to have Practical sessions and Examinations based on their Curriculum
Professional Training Centres on skill development courses.
Industrial Automation/Machinery design organisations to try and test their new circuits.
Teacher Training Institutes of Poly Technics, Technical Schools and Technical Training Institutes.

As MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR is provided with same Hydraulic Pump, Control Valves, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Motors and elementsthatare used in industry, working on this unit gives the user a simulated industrial experience.

MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR , in it's fully equipped version is having:
A. Hydraulic Powerpack energised by an Electric Motor connected to a Hydraulic Pump through a flexible coupling on shafts and Belhousing on Body. A fabricated and powder coated Steel Tank and top plate is planned to house the above items.AII mandatory elements in Hydraulic System, like a) Filler Breather, b) Suction Strainer c) Level indicator d) Pressure Gauge, e) Drain Plug are provided on the Tank. Control Valves for Pressure Control, Flow Control and Direction Control, are mounted on a steel manifold, which is manufactured with internal circuitary suitable for different applications like forward and backward motion of a Hydraulic Cylinder, Clockwise and Anti-clockwise rotation of a Hydro Motor etc. An Unloading Valve is provided to demonstrate energy saving technique, which is electrically controlled.

B. Components for Demonstration of Applications of Hydraulics
1) Linear Actuator / Hydraulic Cylinder with facility for forward stroke, intermediate stoppage anywhere in the stroke, and Backward stroke with push button control on Direction Control Valves.
2) A Bi-directional High Torque Hydro Motor having facility to rotate in clockwise rotation, Hold at any position and rotate in Anti-Clockwise direction with push button control on Direction Control Valves.
3) Electronic Transducer, which converts Hydraulic Oil Pressure to Electronic Output, which can be used for highly accurate pressure control. A digital Display is provided to demonstrate generation of variable electronic output against variation of pressure in the hydraulic system.
4) Pressure Relief Valve to show how to vary the Hydraulic Pressure
5) Throttle type Flow control Valve to demonstrate Control of flow of pressurised oil, and subsequest variation of speed of either Hydraulic Cylinder movement or Hydro motor Rotation.
6) Pilot Operated Check valve to demonstrate how a set pressure can be held without any losses for long durations.
7) Hydraulic Accumulator to demonstrate storage and sudden supply of pressurised Hydraulic Oil using gas chargetechnique.

C. The above systems are mounted on an Elegant (Stainless) Powder .. ITIS TO BE CORRECTED AS elegant Stainless Steel Powder coated Steel trolley provided with high quality shutters on all sides, framed on moulded Aluminium to ensure long non-corrosive service life, and to retain the excellent looks for long years. Shutters are provided with rubber bead mounting, will minimise the noise during the Powerpack operation. Castors are provided at the bottom with brake facility

D. An inclined, economically positioned, Mounting Board and Trolley Top Board are used for display.

E. High Pressure Flexible Hoses provided in different lengths, through which almost any hydraulic circuit, a designer can imagine can be built and tested.

F. All the control valve outputs are provided with Ferruled Connectors.

G. Stainless Steel Drip Trays are provided for Display board and Power pack, to keep the working area Clean and tidy.(Optional)

MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR is provided with Circuit and Control elements of high quality, from world-renowned industrial brands like 'DOWTY', 'YUKEN', 'POLYHYDRON', 'KIRLOSKAR', 'MICRO', 'MEASUREMENT' LEGRAND', L & T' and 'Electronic Switches'. Extreme care is taken on workmanship of the system. Design, development and testing was done under strict Quality Control Procedures.

All solenoid valves are provided with illuminated connector coils to identify the Solenoid actuated by the push button provided nearthe valve.

System Pressure Gauge is provided with Glycerine in its dial chamber to dampen the fluctuations during usage, and to provide long service life.

We are providing One day Training program for the users free of cost. We can also impart training to users/instructors/teachers/training officers, attheir site to suit their requirement, on mutually agreed terms. All the circuit elements have Spares and Sealkits, in case of any future servicing, and we can provide at-site servicing on mutually agreed terms. Two decades of Technical Support and Service to our industrial customers, numbering more than 1200, reflect our commitment to our products and dedication to the industry.

    MAC-HYDRO-TUTOR is offered in three versions: a) Basic, b) Professional, c) Custom-built (to suit customer requirements) Please referthe Features of each version listed with details.
    If you plan for Custom-Built, please tick Tick the features required by you and mail / fax a copy of this sheet to our Kochi office address.

No Feature Basic Professional Custom Built
1 Stainless Steel Trolly with Moulded Aluminium Shutters included included included
2 Mounting Board Trolly Top Board & Electrical Control Panel included included included
3 1 HP Electric Motor 1 Ph/3Ph and Dowty Hydraulic Pump with Flexible Coupling included included
4 'YUKEN' make 4/3 Hand Lever Direction Control Valve included included
5 'YUKEN' make 4/3 Solenoid -Solenoid Valve included included
6 Throttle type Flow Control Valve included included
7 Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder included included
8 Non-Return Valve included included
9 Pressure Gauge, Filler Breather, Suction Strainer, Level Gauge included included
10 Flexible High Pressure Hoses and Ferruled Connectors for all Connections included included
11 Hydraulic Oil - Servo-32 or Equivalent included included
12 'YUKEN' make Unloading Valve excluded included
13 Pilot Operated Check Valve excluded included
14 Hydraulic Pressure Switch excluded included
15 Hydraulic Pressure Transducer with Digital Display excluded included
16 Hydraulic Rotary Actuator/Hydro Motor excluded included
17 PLC Control for Hydraulic Cylinder actuation and Auto- Manual Mode for Operations excluded included
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